Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting Old

Up at 5:15 again in CA, but struggled to get moving. I snoozed the alarm until 5:30 and thought about skipping things. Since we got to the Giants game tonight, I was thinking I might walk around the stadium a few times.

However I dragged myself up and got on the bike for 20 minutes, just having time to shower and then make my 6:30 bus.

A long week of training. Yesterday was better, since I crashed after getting to my Palo Alto hotel at 10:30 Monday night. I managed to get moving at 5:15 and do 24 min on the elliptical and work hard.

This was after a long day Monday traveling. I made it to the airport a bit early, after a nice lunch with Tia. I got to my gate, opened the laptop, and worked for a bit over an hour. I got on the plane, a small jet (4 across) and sat down. I was reading since the space was small and waiting to take off. I looked up to see

Photo Apr 20, 2 19 41 PM

Every oxygen mask had dropped from the ceiling. Not the best way to start a flight, but not overly alarming to me. After all, these are made to deploy with the plane still flying.

However there are FAA rules, and get had to deplane while they worked on the issue. After 2 hours, they cancelled my fight. Too late to get the delayed flight to San Francisco. I started to get into line, but called United Customer Service. When I got through, they had already moved my booking to a later flight to San Francisco. My app hadn’t updated, but I appreciated the United people actually doing the work automatically.

I had 2 more hours to kill, and needed to eat since I knew I wouldn’t get to CA until 9pm and then needed to get to San Jose. Too late for dinner. I did speak with the car service and let them know my time and airport had changed (I was going to San Jose).  Before I ate, I did a lap and a half around the Denver terminal, getting a bit of exercise.

After dinner, a long flight to SF. No chance to work with a narrow space in a middle seat. I got there, but landed with a message from the car company that they hadn’t sent a car since they were confused about the airports. I talked to them and they said they weren’t sure when a car could get to SFO.


I called my contact with VMWare, the company that had booked the travel arrangements and was paying for the training. The contact decided to come get me, which was fine. About the time I got to Palo Alto, I got a call from the car service that they’d sent a driver.


I hit the hotel and basically lay in bed, reading for 20 min before I went to sleep.

Photo Apr 21, 9 02 25 PM

A long week, and the training is good, but I’m ready to get home and back to my routine.

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