Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 Book #26–Influx

influxI enjoyed the Daemon  book from Suarez and I picked this one up on a recommendation from a friend. Influx is an interesting story. A startup finds a way to bend gravity, a gravity mirror. A terrorist group appears at their warehouse and kills everyone.

However the founder isn’t killed. He’s been captured by a government group that manages advanced technology, preventing it from causing problems in the world. They offer Jon Grady the chance to join them and continue work on his gravity mirror. He refuses and gets imprisoned by them.

The prison is horrible, with an AI that seeks to learn about him and understand him. It tortures him to force compliance. Eventually he’s saved as other prisoners there show him how to fool the AI and take control of his cell.

From the it’s a wild thriller as Grady is brought back to the world, escapes, and then fights to save his fellow prisoners as well as destroy the agency.

A great, fun read.

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