Friday, April 10, 2015

LA Traffic Really Sucks

I arrived in LA yesterday early afternoon. My plan was to work a few hours, run on the beach, and then head to Oceanside (N San Diego) for dinner with friends.

Almost none of that worked correctly.

I arrived, about 20 minutes late due to some issue on the flight. I started to work, but ran into issues. Some software (from my company) had expired, and I was struggling to get things working. My lunch extended, and I really only had time for a walk along the beach for 10 minutes.

Photo Apr 09, 1 35 40 PM (1)

I did send a few pictures to Kendall of the beach, probably ensuring she’s going to come here somewhere for college, but I thought she’d like seeing the beach and all the volleyball nets at Hermosa Beach.

Photo Apr 09, 1 35 53 PM

The weather was great, slightly cool, but I had a jacket since it had snowed in Denver Wed night.

I checked into the hotel around 4:00, getting to my room and hoping to exercise, but I had a couple more hours of work before I could break and hit the gym. No time to really hit the beach for a jog. Perhaps Sat morning.

I finished and started to head down to San Diego, but traffic on the 405 was crazy. Slow, moving at 30mph for most of the time until I got near Seal Beach. At the point I gave up on San Diego. It’s an hour down there, not taking 2, and I decided to stop.

I did continue to Laguna Nigel, and Dana Point for a nice quiet dinner. A small restaurant there, reminding me of my time in San Diego. One glass of wine, and then I enjoyed the drive back.

I had rented a Mustang, which is a powerful car, and surprisingly getting 28mpg. However it’s got a long hood, it’s small, reminding me of the Porsche 911. I’m glad I moved to an SUV, and somewhat wished I’d rented one.

Photo Apr 09, 1 03 24 PM

It’s a nice car, though not for me. Certainly the “in and out” as well as the trouble seeing out the windows are a pain. However it feels like a SoCal car.

I had a California geek moment, hitting Fry’s for the first time ever here. I’ve heard about this geek store for years, but never been in one. However my backup drive failed last night and I needed a new one this morning.

Photo Apr 10, 8 33 10 AM

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