Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Growing Up

Scouts tonight, with Delaney and I going so he could try and finish a merit badge. He’s been working on emergency preparedness and last Saturday he  went to a mobilization for the county west of here. He sent this picture to Tia and I.

Photo Apr 11, 1 22 55 PM

I knew what it was right away, but I think it surprised Tia. He said it was good, and since that was one of the harder requirements, I had him working on it last night and today after school.

He went through everything and was down to a bug-out bag for the house. We hadn’t really done one, and we should have one anyway. It’s a good idea, so he and I will do it on Saturday.

He stood up and talked about the experience Saturday with a few other Scouts. I grabbed a picture because he stood out.

Photo Apr 14, 7 07 38 PM

I remember when Delaney was as tall as the kid standing in front of the flag, who’s a little kid one year behind Kendall. It’s neat to see these kids growing up and now Delaney is one of the tallest in the troop.

We had our summer Scout shirts on tonight and I managed to grab Delaney when we got home for a picture. He tried to get away, but I grabbed him on the stairs.

Photo Apr 14, 8 00 00 PM

Now we just need to get Delaney to spend an hour or two on Saturday and get the Emergency Preparedness and Sustainability badges done. It should be quick, and I’m hoping to get a bit of time from him to work on finalizing his Eagle Packet and sending it to the District to schedule his presentation.

Proud of him, but hoping we can keep moving forward.

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