Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I asked Kendall after school if she wanted to go to the gym. She said yes and disappeared in her room. I told her I was doing a class and she said no thanks. At 6:13, two minutes before I told her I wanted to leave, I called her and she walked out, workout clothes on. I was impressed she was ready to go, even though she said she was struggling to get motivated. Easy for her to skip, but she didn't.

We got to the gym and I went to class, while she went to do cardio. I told her I'd leave at 45 minutes in so she wouldn't be waiting around too long since she usually knocks off cardio after 30.

Class was tough. A new instructor, and he worked in a pattern, 3 sets of 4 exercises, then a switch to something new. Lots of jumping, movement, not a lot of arms, which was good with tendonitis in my elbow. Still a hard workout and I was out of breath, skipping sections.

I walked out to find Kendall doing her core work. She was doing 30s of planks alternating with 30s of stretching. She looks strong and was working hard, glad she had come with me. I told her she should have done the class. That's the tough kind of workout that would help her, and honestly, I think she might to better than me.

I didn't puke, though I was a bit shaky at the end.

Today when I dropped Kendall off, she asked if we could go again.

That girl is something.

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