Monday, April 13, 2015

Cars, Trucks, Traffic, and Speed

I had to drop off my X5 this morning for an issue with the Parking sensors. The service lady at Murray BMW noted that one of my sensors might have gotten pushed in somehow and that's the issue. I have no idea how that happened, but they took it and should call later. They gave me a 328i as a loaner, and it operates like the X5 and has a BMW feel to it.

However it's a car, and while it's better than my experience in LA, it's not what I want. I'm low, my legs are a little stretch out, it's not what I enjoy. The only plus, for me, is that the programmable buttons are more conveniently situated for me as they're up high. In the X5, they're low. All in all, the 328 is nice, but not what I want.

It is easier to drive than the Mustang I had this weekend. When I walked out to the rental car area, I saw a number of items, but the Mustang intrigued me. I was jealous of the few people in high school that had them, so I decided to grab it. A 2015 black one, that was neat to look at.

Photo Apr 10, 8 32 56 AM

Getting in, I was reminded of the 911. A tight, enclosing vehicle that grabs you. I drove out and down to Hermosa Beach for a little work and lunch. The car handled the LA freeways fine and accelerated from 55-80 quickly. Quite the drive.

After some work, I headed back to the hotel, which was the Hilton at LAX. Parking there is below ground, actually 4-6 levels down. Lots of turning in circles through the garages to get down there. I didn't like that, and the long hood, low angles, and tight rear pillars made it hard to see and drive. Parking was another whole adventure, requiring me to get out and move the car a few times to get it into a spot and not too close to other vehicles.

Photo Apr 09, 1 03 24 PM

At night I started down to San Diego to see some friends, but bailed in traffic. It is incredibly annoying to be in LA traffic, and I made it to Dana Point before pulling off and having dinner there. I enjoyed that, experiencing some LA/California food and atmosphere, which isn't really me. I like the beach and water, but prefer a simpler, Va Beach or Pensacola to the pretentious LA area.

All in all, I probably drove 250-300 miles in LA and it confirmed what I thought. The 911 had to go and I needed a truck. The long doors, which are hard to park with, but also hard to get in and out of. The low visibility and low profile drive great, but they aren't my thing.

Returning home, I was glad to be in the X5, sitting up, higher, and a little more room.

I did enjoy the beach, and sent Kendall a few pix. I suspect they confirmed that she wants to go to CA at some point.

Photo Apr 09, 1 35 40 PM (1)

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