Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015 Book #30–Nailed

nailedA new series from Joseph Flynn, this one the Ron Ketchum series. We have Ron, chief of police in a small CA mountain town on a lake. When a black man is found crucified on a tree outside of town, he’s unsure what to do. Hence, the name, Nailed.

Like the President’s Henchman books, we have a somewhat exciting tale, but a bit of a farce that’s not serious. We have a billionaire mayor, rich residents, a black televangelist, and a former World Poker Champ from Texas.

Also, while the search for the killer takes place, we also have a mountain lion stalking people in town. There's Fish and Game Warden stalking the lion, trying to work with Ketchum as he splits his time between the murder and the lion. With the town afraid and the press all over, it's a rambunctious time.

It’s a crazy read, but a fun one. I enjoyed suspending disbelief and just reading the book.

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