Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 Book #27–Obsessed

obsessedA mystery, part of a series, involving a serial killer. Fascinating, as it incorporates a fictional book, also called Obsessed, inside the novel. The fictional novel is about a serial killer who’s a woman, and in the actual story a woman psychologist is being framed for a murder. Or a series.

The book starts with a guy that is struggling in his marriage (his wife had an affair) and he thinks he’s protecting a radio psychologist from a stalker she talked about on her show. He finds a guy sneaking around her house and kills him.

Unfortunately, we find out that there was no stalker. That was a neighbor she’s having an affair with. She’s talked a friend, however, into making fake calls to her show as a stalker. When the stalker comes on the air, the Obsessed guy thinks there is another stalker and kills him.

Meanwhile, we have Lizzy Gardner, private eye in Sacramento. She’s got her crew of employees and friends, along with her FBI fiancee in the story. It’s a complex set of relationships that is hard to follow in the writing and I found myself confused for a bit. She has a few cases, one of which is to help the psychologist.

It’s a multiple plot line story that’s blended together and confusing at times. However I enjoyed it and picked up the earlier books in the series after this one.

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