Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Contact Experiment

Today I picked up Kendall from school and headed to the eye doctor. She wanted to try contacts, and I made an appointment for her. I know how annoying glasses can be, so I was happy to give it a try.

We arrived early, and they took her back right away. It’s different than it was for me, or even Delaney. They don’t put them in for you. They gave her a single daily lens, explained how to do it and then watched her practice.

Over, and over. She struggled with it, constantly blinking and pulling her eye closed. She didn’t get enough grip on her eyelid, and kept bringing in her hand at an angle. She never got it in, with about 30-45 minutes of practice. I gave her a few hints from my experience, and then walked away to leave her alone.

She couldn’t get it and eventually we bailed, calling it a day. She was disappointed and I understand that. I’d brought our running stuff, so we changed, had a short 30 minute run/walk, making our way to Firehouse for dinner. A nice time with my girl, chatting and forgetting about contacts. We checked out schedules for some local colleges and made plans to go see a couple.

We walked back, ready to head home as it got chilly. Kendall wanted a brownie, so we drove to Kneaders for one, where I realized my license was missing. I’d had it for dinner, but must have dropped it on the way to the car. We headed back to the park, looking around. We found it on the sidewalk, which was a relief, and headed home.

A good night with my girl.

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