Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friday Night Turns

I was excited to get to class last night, as we were supposed to use the lathes. I like turning, and was looking forward to learning something and making a tool. On the way to class I hurried to the lumberyard and bought some cherry and more alder for projects.

I went too fast, and later one of the TAs showed me a few things I hadn't thought of. Oh well, more to learn.

I wandered over to turning first, since I will miss next week and didn't want to get behind. We each got a block of wood, about a foot or so long and about 4" thick. We were supposed to mark the center and then make it look like one of the items next to my block.

Photo Oct 03, 6 09 47 PM

Most of the instruction I knew, but there were a few things to learn. Why I'd work from motor to tail, turn the lightest part first, a few things on holding the chisels that I didn't know.

Photo Oct 03, 6 18 39 PM

I rounded mine pretty past and then went to work on the handle. I wanted a baseball bat bottom, and I think I got one.

Photo Oct 03, 6 52 59 PM

There wasn't much to doing the top. I wanted a slightly thicker middle and just a little tapering. I think I got close, but not quite what I wanted. Oh well.

Photo Oct 03, 9 31 53 PM

We used a wire to burn in some circles, and then we were done. Here it is at home.

Photo Oct 04, 3 39 18 PM

That only took about 2 hours, so I spent the rest of the time milling wood, getting it within 1/2" of final dimensions. I then talked to the TA a bit, and he suggested letting it sit before gluing and re-milling. I agreed, and brought it home. I'll try to glue things tomorrow.

He also showed me how to better grain match and pick pieces with that in mind. I'll use that for gluing and also I may try to incorporate things into a second box that I make from the Alder, and see if I can better match things.

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