Sunday, October 12, 2014


For 10 days. I stayed up late Sat night in San Jose and managed to switch my 6pm flight to an 8am flight. Tired, worn out from travel and stress of new talks, I went to bed, up at 5:15 to shower and drive up to San Francisco for my early flight. An easy flight, apart from some bumpiness, and I was hope by 12:30.

Now I have a couple days of work before I’m taking a few days off with the kids for their fall break. I was thinking to run up to a college for a tour, and still may, but we need to also help Tia run her clinic, which is some cooking and work from me and the kids.

However I still need to get work done. A keynote memorized, another talk ready, and then next week I fly to London for a corporate event. Not looking forward to the trip, but it’s short, and I like the London crowd. This is our fourth year doing it and I see lots of repeat attendees, which is good.

A quiet day today, relaxing, laundry, football, a little exercise. A welcome break.

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