Friday, October 24, 2014

Heading Home

An early, early morning at Heathrow. Up at 4:50, grabbing a cab to the terminal and then waiting to board a morning flight back to the US. This has been a good trip, but I’m beat and will be glad to get home for a week before I have to leave and fly to Seattle.

I arrived at Heathrow about 43 hours ago and immediately went to London and started meetings and practice for the keynote. I had 4 or 5 run throughs, and then a long dinner with a brand consultant. A late night, with 10-11pm practice for my other talks.

Friday I managed a workout only by walking the 1.1mi to the venue before I had to set up, practice the keynote, deliver the keynote, and then go through 3 sessions in a row, with only lunch to give me a small break. With people asking question and wanting to chat, my voice was tired and I really didn’t get a break until I walked outside and went to St Paul’s cathedral around 3:30. Even then they charge 17 pounds to go in, so I looked in the small entry and then sat in the garden for 30 minutes to unwind.


A not wanted, but needed few hours in a pub with an old friend before a long commute out to Heathrow.

A good trip, and I tend to prefer the short ones when I’m busy, but I’m still tired. 3 trips in September, 3 this month, and one more next week.

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