Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thai in Boston

A quick trip this week, flying out early Tues to Boston. I had hoped for a direct flight, but the times weren't good, so I ended up taking an early 8am flight from Denver, flying to Newark, getting off the plane (Which was late), grabbing a drink, and then getting right back on the same plane, same seat.

Boston was interesting. I met a friend for a drink and was supposed to meet some of my work friends, but they sent me the wrong address for the restaurant, having me leave Cambridge and head to Boston. Felt like the same city to me, but Adam, who lives there, corrected me and said it was different.

We ended up in a small, hole in the wall Thai place by BU that he loves. He went to school in Boston, and now that he has kids, he doesn't get to some of his favorite places. A spicy papaya salad and chile chicken for me, which were good. The a couple ciders, watching the Giants/Nats before bed.

Tuesday was almost 3 hours of meetings, then a trip over to the Microsoft office where my company had an afternoon event. I had the intro, then watched my colleague present an hour, then I did 2, before he finished off and we had a short happy hour. My voice was beat, and I was glad to head to the hotel, have a quiet dinner, and go to bed early.

Up this morning at 5:45, then flying back from Boston, driving to meet Tia for lunch before driving to a cross country meet, has me beat.

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