Monday, October 20, 2014

Cycle Walk

Kyle took Kendall to the costume store yesterday. He needed to exchange something, and Kendall needed to find a costume. Tia was busy in the clinic, I'd cleaned up lunch, and was watching football with a sore neck. After an hour, I decided I needed to do something, so I got on the bike while watching the Cowboys battle with the Giants. It was quiet, and I had a good hour on the bike before Kendall came home.

"I thought we were going walking?", was the first thing she asked when she walked in.

She said she was tired and sore and didn't want to go to volleyball open gym, which I understood. Between Thur night late playing and her Sat out at the Zombie walk with the boys, I understood. I said we'd walk later, but since I wasn't sure if she sill would, I rode the bike.

She gave me grief, and I stopped at 70 minutes instead of the 75 I was aiming for, but glad she wanted to walk. We grabbed the dogs and headed out on a short walk, chatting as we did an easy mile.

Not a big workout for her, but glad she was ready to do it.

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