Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Varsity Race #4

Today was Delaney's home cross country meet. A bit of rain came down and they were late starting, but the meet went off fine. Tia and I arrived to find Delaney warming up and hanging out with the team.

Photo Sep 09, 3 50 31 PM

Delaney ran with the varsity again, which makes his 4th race there. One more and he should letter, which is exciting for me since I never lettered in anything. He ran hard, and well, but was still 25:22. I think the hills (lots of them around our school) and wet weather slowed him down, though he looked good going through the course.

He finished, and then cooled down with the team.

Photo Sep 09, 4 48 07 PM

As it was a home meet, the kids are supposed to dress up. Kendall hates this part, but Delaney came downstairs looking sharp in the morning and again after the meet.

Photo Sep 09, 5 33 58 PM

Photo Sep 09, 5 33 59 PM

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