Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Ball

When we got home, I asked Delaney to help me put a ball on top of the flagpole. I’d been meaning to do it, but we seem to be so busy. He said yes, so we loosened the bolts and pulled one out. Delaney helped lower it and then we got the ball on it.

Photo Sep 28, 3 53 59 PM

With that on it, Delaney started to lift

Photo Sep 28, 3 54 32 PM

And lift

Photo Sep 28, 3 54 36 PM

and lift

Photo Sep 28, 3 54 45 PM

We got it up, and he wiggled it up as I put the bottom bolt back in. We tightened things down, and it secured the rope. With a storm coming, we didn’t put the flag back up, but it looks good.

Photo Sep 28, 3 57 48 PM

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