Monday, September 29, 2014

End of Middle School Volleyball

Today was the league tournament for Kendall’s volleyball team. Tia and I drove down to Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, a 09 minute commute, to cheer them on. We got there just in time and saw them play hard and dominate the first game. A few good hits for Kendall and when the other team almost caught up, Kendall served 5 to put them way ahead.

Photo Sep 29, 3 54 17 PM

We thought they were ready to move forward and get to the finals Wednesday. However they fell apart in the second game and it wasn’t close. Too many mistakes that were unforced.

Photo Sep 29, 3 53 00 PM

The third game was close at first, but the girls started to just hit the ball over on the first hit and the other team played well, setting things up and hitting them over. They dinked a lot over that we didn’t cover.

Photo Sep 29, 3 43 13 PM

The season is over, but a good one. Kendall played great and really showed the team how good a player she is.

Now on to club in a month.

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