Sunday, September 28, 2014

Morning Yoga

I’ve been missing yoga. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve gone, and my body could use a slower workout. It’s feeling a bit tired. I planned on going to the 8:30 this morning and told Kendall. She said she wanted to go, so we planned on getting up at 7:30 and going. When I went out last night to get dog food, Kendall texted me that she wanted to sleep in, so she was skipping. No big deal, but I planned on going.

I woke up and checked the phone at 7:01, thinking I’d have 20min to sleep. Apparently when I set the alarm, it’s a weekday only one, so I got up at 8:06 and jumped up. Contacts in, heading downstairs and grabbing water. I’d loaded my mat and bag in the car, so I just left.

I made it in time, about 3 min to get setup on the floor and had a nice, hot, Hot Power Fusion class. It felt good, and a crick in my neck loosened up. Lots of sweat, good work, some heart racing, but not too much. All in all I’m glad I went.

I came home, did some work, and then had to take Delaney to the high school rodeo, where he’d volunteered to work the concession stand. I watched the rodeo a bit while he worked. Calf roping, goat tying, bull riding, kind of amazing.

Photo Sep 28, 2 44 39 PM

The girls did better than the boy, and rather than driving home and back, I relaxed in the sun

Photo Sep 28, 1 52 05 PM

Afterwards, home and hopefully no more driving.

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