Monday, September 15, 2014


I managed to get a few things done yesterday on the flagpole. After I got up and flew home from Kansas City, I went to work. First, I dragged the flagpole base to the hole in the ground and measured things. It was close, but I needed to go down another 6-8" and widen it in places.

Photo Sep 14, 1 46 16 PM

Once that was done, I added some bracing. I was slightly worried about wind and the torque from the top, so I cut some braces and screwed those tightly to the base. With those done, I felt (more) confident this would hold up to weather.

Photo Sep 14, 2 20 05 PM

With the bracing added to both sides, I had to big a bit more, including putting some space below the wood for drainage, and then it was ready. I added some rocks at the bottom, hopefully to prevent rot.

Photo Sep 14, 2 26 40 PM

Now it was mixing time. I almost grabbed the ATV, or truck, but in the end decided to just be a man and carry 3 80lb bags of cement from the shed and barn to the flagpole base.

Photo Sep 14, 2 48 11 PM

I mixed them one at a time, and then put them in the hole. I ended up using all 3 bags, getting coverage about 24" up on the base, including covering the bottom brace completely in concrete.

Photo Sep 14, 3 24 13 PM

I let it dry and went on to other chores. Once I got to the late afternoon, I filled in some dirt, but wanted things to cure overnight and do more today.

I plan to get dirt on it, and then raise the pole and see. I may have to pull it down and tamp things down more later, but I at least want it up today.

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