Friday, September 19, 2014

Back home

And glad, but off again soon. I got back from Vegas yesterday in time to pick Kendall up from practice and watch a bit of it. They really aren't putting together skills or a team. I'll be glad when she gets back to club.

Then I came home briefly before Tia and I went out to get Delaney from his meet. Not a good meet for him, with the temperature too hot. Back to 25: and he wasn't feeling well in the am. Hope it gets better next week. He's supposed to run tomorrow, so I think I'll go with him and see if I can keep up.

I was glad to get in my bed, and fell asleep as Tia and the boys were hanging out.

Now I'm off to class this afternoon and staying out at a hotel since I speak first thing in the morning at DU tomorrow. Don't want to drive home for 6 hours sleep before driving 35 minutes in the am, so once again, gone.

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