Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Long Night

Actually a long day. I had early meetings, almost 3 hours worth, going over presentations and information for the fall events that I’ll be speaking at for Red Gate. Tia got the kids to school, and after I worked from 6:30-11:45, I took a brief break before driving her to the airport. She’s spending today in Idaho learning about hoof trimming and seeing a friend. She’s gone until tomorrow night, so I had to manage things.

I drove home, grabbed lunch, had a quick workout, and then it was time to get kids. I had to pick them up early from school activities so I could get to class. Kendall had pictures and then volleyball and Delaney had cross country, which was a bigger deal since he missed two practices this week (sick) and then had a rough race Thursday.

Kendall found a ride home, but I had to go get Delaney, so it was a quick pack up and go at 3:40. He was ready, I dropped him off at home and then drove out to Red Rocks Community College. I might have skipped it if I’d known, or just been later. Lucky traffic wasn’t bad, for once, and I made it to class just as they started.

Turning was on the agenda, but we’d been running slightly behind. As a result, we were continuing with carcass construction. We thought this would be half the class and half spent working on our projects. However no one, including me, had the project wood. I’ve been meaning to go over there, but I need to go during working hours and I’ve been buried. So that’s a high priority item for the coming week.

It was interesting. We built a small cabinet, 20”x18” high, I guess about 8” deep, but that wasn’t really important. We used the arbitrary width of one of the boards. We all know how to six-side face a board, getting all sides flat, square, and parallel, so we didn’t do that. however we did see how to make a rabbit for the bottom joints, miters for the top, why we do certain things, assembly tricks, routing a dado, and a few more things. All in all, I learned quite a few things, but I was tired of watching.

Everyone was and we knocked off an hour early, but 3 hours instead of 4, just watching, doesn’t seem like much. It was a tough night to get through and a long drive home. I really, really wish I’d gotten some wood that I could have started to joint and plane. I’ll need to do that and let it sit a week, so I’m thinking Tues or Wed I need to go get that done.

Home late, up early as Delaney had a friend coming over, I’m doing a bit of computer work today before the big kid shuffle. Delaney to a friend’s house for a project, Kendall to volleyball practice, and then collecting them all back home.

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