Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Month

I went to volunteer for Habitat, helping speak to Johnson and Wales students today. I didn’t have time, but I had committed, so I went. When I left, I was tired and hot, so I stopped at 7-11 for a drink. I stopped the car, left my phone and wallet on the floor, got out, walked in, walked to the soda machine, got a soda, put a lid on, opened a straw, threw away my wrapper, walked to pay, walked to the car and got in.

No keys.

Maybe they’re on the floor? Nope.

Maybe they’re in the console? Nope.

Maybe I left them inside. I walked in, checked the counter by the register, no keys. Checked the counter by the soda machine. No keys.

I asked the clerk, and no one had turned any in. I walk outside, look between the seats, get in from the back and look under the seats and in between again. I find some receipts, wrappers, bottle caps, and more. I clean things out and can’t find keys. I repeat this on the other side.

I know the keys are somewhere since I drove to 7-11, ten minutes ago at this point.

I go back in and look in the trash. I double check inside the console, above the sunvisors, in between the seats again. I check all my pockets again pulling out lip balm and bills. I am somewhat stunned. I’m actually about to call Tia and say I lost the keys, 2 minutes after stopping at 7-11.

It’s been 15 minutes, and I’m trying to figure things out when the clerk walks outside with my keys. Apparently I set them on some random counter in the store and a lady found them.

I felt like I should have hired her as my daily nanny.

That’s not what I needed. I had 3 events last week, in 3 cities, and I’ve got multiple presentations to still finish for two and three weeks from now. I’m semi-buried with editing and work, and I’m really struggling to keep up with life, much less work commitments. I’m actually buzzing with stress at some points, which isn’t good.

At least I got my keys back.

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