Friday, September 5, 2014

Back Home

A long trip back from SF. Longer than I expected. I left the conference a little early yesterday, trying to standby on an earlier flight, but traffic and the incredibly busy flights out of SFO prevented that. I wanted to work for a few hours, but wi-fi was flaky at SFO and as I tried to tether, a guy next to me wanted to chat. He was a part of the Wounded Warrior Project, and I couldn't brush him off.

This kid, well, a kid to me at 29, was heading to London. He'd been stuck in SFO (from OR) all day and was waiting on a flight, so I chatted with him. He's off for the Inaugural Courage Cup in London, a Ryder Cup like event for Wounded Warriors and their UK equivalents.

He was a nice young man and we had an interesting talk. I'll have to follow along and see how he does. Best of luck to the US team.

Two long days, long conference days and up early to exercise had me nodding off on the ride home and glad to finally crawl into bed around 11:45 last night.

A long day today, getting kids up and then woodworking class tonight. Boy. I',m tired.

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