Sunday, September 28, 2014

Driver Driver

That was me yesterday. I think I had a 200mi day.

It started with me getting Delaney up early as he had a friend coming over to work on a project. Up at 8, then working a bit before leaving at 10:30 to take Delaney and his friend to Parker.

11 mi.

The boys needed to buy some clothes from Goodwill to use for a mini-movie they were shooting for their Language Arts class. We got clothes and then headed back E to Elbert, to some girl’s house where they were meeting her and another kid for the assignment as 12.

32 miles for that.

The boys were sure they’d be done in an hour or two. I was worried as Kyle was taking Kendall to the volleyball open gym for practice. However he had to go work at the school farm, so I needed to get her. They ended at 3 and there were no more classes, so I gave her money to walk to Wal-Mart or Sonic and get a soda to wait. I was worried so I went to Kiowa and ate lunch, working on some demos for a talk I need to record this week.

7 miles

While I was there, I heard from Delaney that they wouldn’t be done at 2:30. That wasn’t good. I told him to decide because if they weren’t done at 2:30, I’d need to get Kendall and they’d have to wait until 4 or so when I could get back. They said it would be longer, so I packed up and left to drive to 303 Volleyball.

42 miles.

I got there to watch Kendall practice. She did good, working hard with mostly 15 year olds on a number of drills. She looked good to me, and one of the other parents from last year’s team said she looked better than last year. I got to see about 40 minutes before they finished and we packed up. We stopped for a drink and headed to Elbert.

49 miles.

We got there and the high schoolers still weren’t done. We hung out, I chatted with parents and they finally finished. We left, dropping off Delaney’s friend, but taking a short cut back to Elizabeth.


We headed to Elizabeth, as Delaney was starving, having not eaten since 10:30.

3 miles.

We shopped at Wal-Mart and then headed home.

12 miles.

We get home and I see that there’s no dog food. We  were out in the am and I’d forgotten to buy more. Damn it.

It was late, but I’d been in a car all day. I figured I could get some exercise since either stores were closing at 6/7 or not and it was 7. I took the dogs for a 1.5mi walk and then headed to town.

12 mi

Murdochs was closed, so I hit Pet’s Mart, only to find them closed. I hit Safeway, getting some grain-free food for Uma and heading home.

14 mi.

All in all, a 151 mi day. Crazy.

Delaney and I watched some SNL, but I fell asleep.

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