Friday, June 20, 2014

Slip and Catch

It was raining as I drove E in Louisville to my hotel. I got out of the car, walked in, tired, irritated by traffic and broken traffic lights and as I entered the hotel, my right foot slipped on the tile. I tightened everything up and didn’t fall, but I jerked things tight and the knee didn’t like that.

My heart also jumped a bit, though I hope it’s for nothing. I don’t think I hurt anything badly, but it’s achy. I did 30 min on the treadmill, and it was OK, but a bit sore. I wish I was home and had my ice machine.

Overall things have been going well with the knee, and while I’m not quite ready to run, I am going to try the elliptical tomorrow. Slow, especially after today, but we’ll see.

Today was better on the airplane. I flew 2 1/2 hours, stuck in a seat, and it wasn’t aching. Of course, at dinner tonight it was, but I’m hoping that it’s a short term thing.

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