Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book #26–Supreme Justice

51v0pxmj68L__SL500_Part of my Kindle First subscription, getting a book early. This month was Supreme Justice, a thriller that died a bit at the end. At first I got caught up, the idea of someone killing Supreme Court justices is amazing. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. As with many thrillers, this one starts with a killing, but one that appears to be a robbery gone wrong. When a DC cop asks a former secret service agent to consult and help him get started, he realizes it wasn’t an accidental shooting.

Reeder, a former Secret Service agent who saved the life of a President, runs his own firm, but when his former friend at the FBI hears about his conclusions, he’s asked to join the task force as a consultant. He sees things people don’t, reading body language and kinesics, and is invaluable when a second justice is killed.

The book builds nicely, but near the end, when we have the twist, the turn, the thrilling part, it somewhat becomes too predictable. I like to enjoy stories and try not to think ahead, but I couldn’t help it. Things just fell together too quickly. The writing also jumps from person to person, as if from their point of view, but it isn’t captivating and doesn’t draw you in. At times I almost wasn’t sure we’d switched narrators.

Overall it’s a good read, but not great.

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