Sunday, June 29, 2014


Saturday was a puttering around the garage a bit. It was windy, so I wasn’t interested in going outside much, and it was hot, with a few things to do in the afternoon. I’d decided to start working on some small drawers. I’d cut the wood a week ago, but had trouble trying to hammer in small nails through hardboard. During the week I’d bought some nails for the pneumatic nailer and decided to try them out.

I put the pieces in a small jig I’d made and lined them up. The back, middle divider, and bottom are shown here.

Photo Jun 28, 12 23 12 PM

I have angled pieces of hardboard for the sides that I lay on here, on a little glue and then nail them in. With the nailer, things went quickly. I knocked out 3 small drawers, then cut a few more pieces and made some large drawers as well. I had a few more cut, but they needed a little more routing, so I stopped.

Once I had drawers, I cut some boards for the wall holders, and added sides.


I also added a small drawer across the whole top and I had storage for a bunch of nails and screws that were on benches and in drawers. These are easy to carry around and also get screws in and out.

I need to make a few more and also a small toolbox to hold them and other tools when I walk around.

Sunday was some flagpole work and then a trip to the store.

Photo Jun 29, 1 57 41 PM

It seems like many of my trips to Home Depot end up with heavy loads to bring home. In this case, I grabbed a bunch of wet, pressured treated wood for piles and some cross pieces. I was trying to hurry as I had lunch for Delaney and I was tired. As I loaded up, I realized I didn’t have cement, but I was too tired to bother going back. Tomorrow or Tuesday.

When I got home, it was time to laminate two boards together. This is the way I built the last shelter, and it’s held up well. Two 2x6s are better than a 4x4 and easier to find and deal with than a 4x6 at that length. I wasn’t thinking as I meant to do this with 3 8’ 2x6s instead of 2 12footers, but next time.

Photo Jun 29, 3 34 48 PM

Once I had glue on them, I added nails to give a little more strength and hold things tight while the glue cures.

Photo Jun 29, 3 28 19 PM

Nailing along 6 long boards, both sides, it a lot of sun work. I was hot and tired at the end when I loaded up the tractor.

Photo Jun 29, 4 55 56 PM

I drove them out and stacked them in the pasture, and I think I’m done. Tia can get her employee to dig the holes and cement in the posts. I bought enough boards to attach the roof joists (but forgot bolts) and also add two boards on each side. We’ll need more the the sides, along with OSB sheets to cover it.

Looks like another shopping trip this week.

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