Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sabbatical - Day 18–Bust

My company, Red Gate software, has given me a 6 week sabbatical. I’m documenting the time with all the posts under a tag if you want to follow along.

I was hoping to get more done today, but it was a touch of a bust. A late start, lazy in the morning catching up on some blogging and laying around with my wife, who had a late start.

Then it was off to the store. The flagpole was stalled until I had more 2x4s for the other side. As I drove, I think I figured out the problem. I jointed too much off the 2x4, which was somewhat bowed, and then when I tapered it, there wasn’t enough scrap to cut the other side.

I picked up 2 2x4s, fairly straight from what I could see. I brought them home, stopping for a couple errands, but when I got home, it was windy and rain was threatening again. Grrr. Too much of a pain to get the jointer and planer out.

I decided to then get some things done at home. With PT in the afternoon, I cut some grass, got kids to cut grass, and got a kid to load up the truck with giveaway clothes. Then it was PT, cook dinner, and off to Scouts, where I’d committed to review an Eagle project plan.

The one good thing was that a friend of mine was there who’' does a lot of welding. He’s looking for work, with lots of free time and I had the chance to ask him about the base support. He said it would be easy to weld and to come see him sometime. I think next week might be the time to do that.

That’s about it for the day. Tomorrow volunteering.

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