Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pool Table

When I heard a friend was selling their table, I was interested. When they asked if we could trade some building projects, I was really interested. I've been working on some things, and Monday was the day to move the table. I met the movers at her house, and watched them take the table apart. This is the base, which isn't much. I could move this.

 However there's more to it than that. There are 3 big pieces of slate that go on it. Once it's moved, the pieces are screwed in and then they have to be leveled. You do that with shims and screws, and once it's set, you put wax in between them to get a smooth surface.

It involves a torch as well as some skill, and this took the most time.

After that, put on the felt. This went smooth, and it's stapled in there. Watching them, I could do that.

Getting close. Delaney was watching with me, and planning on playing when they were done.

 The bumpers go on last, pieces attached with screws and then we can play. I didn't grab pictures playing, but Delaney and I played, then at night the kids and I had a few rounds and a lot of fun.

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