Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father’s Day

A good Father’s Day. The first one in 7 years I haven’t played baseball on, though I hope to get back to that next year.

Tia got the kids up and they cooked breakfast for me this morning. I got an omelet, yogurt, bagel, coffee and OJ. Way more than I usually have and it was nice to lay in bed and eat.

After relaxing a bit, a short workout with PT and Crossfit, I went out and set up bikes on the Suburban. I had to change a tire, and load up the carrier, and Kendall came out to help. Then it was loading the little kids in the car and heading to ride the Cherry Creek trail. No Kyle, as he had to work, but he did wish me a good day before he left.

We went in at The Pinery, intending to ride to 20 Mile and eat a late lunch. It was a nice ride, though everyone was tired when we got to eat some salad and pizza. After a break, we headed back, but everyone was tired.

Kendall especially was struggling, and decided to bail around 8+ miles and let us come pick her up. I understand that as my rear and my wrists were tired. We continued on, but a mile + later, around 10 miles, Delaney was beat. He wanted to rest and we told him to go to the next park, where we’d get him.

Tia and I continued on, laughing that we’d overdone it again, and cooked the kids. We littered the trail with kids and then we struggled a bit the last 2 miles in the wind. We made it and then raced off to get Kendall and then Delaney, and then dropped Tia off in Franktown to help someone load their horse in a trailer.

Kendall and I sat and had a soda at the gas station and chatted before picking up Tia and heading home. The kids helped me move stuff in the basement and then both went to bed. They were tired.

A long day. A working day, but a great day.

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