Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 3–Cutting and Measuring

A late start yesterday, and not a ton getting done. I can see that with late nights at class that I’ll be posting a day late most of the time.

My knee ached a bit yesterday, so I iced it when I got up. While that was going on, I re-watched part of the DVD to get prepped for what I needed to do. I realized that I needed at least 3, and perhaps 4 sawhorses. With the plans in hand, I went downstairs and got started.

The first thing was to clear a little space. Some of the horse projects were in the way, so I moved things around and got the base on the teeter totter so I could work. That done, I then cut the ends and trimmed the 2x3s to get them ready for more sawhorses. I think I ended up using a piece for something else because I got 6 legs done. Not quite what I needed for 2 more sawhorses.

Photo Jun 04, 1 03 00 PM

With those six done, I worked on the stretchers next, using the spare 2x3s and also a spare 2x4. Cut and glued up.

Photo Jun 04, 1 03 05 PM

At this point, I was waiting a bit for glue, so I looked at the plans and then measured a spot in front of the garage. I hope to work next to the garage on most of this, and I can just do 22ft on the cement. I’m thinking the top will hang off the edge a touch, but I can put 4 sawhorses there to support the flagpole and also let me work at a reasonable  height. The idea of working on the ground, with my knee, does not appeal to me.

Then a break. My oldest, Kyle, coming back from China and the little kids and I picked him up.

Photo Jun 04, 3 04 31 PM

After that, rain and wind. Too windy to do much and rainy outside.

I did move one of the horse projects with the tractor so the space is clear. I also decided to do some measuring for the jig I’ll cut tomorrow. The jog is basically three pieces of plywood cut at 8ft and then some strips that screw on top. I had a space piece of 4x8 3/4” wood, so I measured the 3 8 ft strips. I dind’t have the space to move it with cars in the garage, but I did get the 3 strips marked along half the plywood.

My plan today is to continue marking the strips and cut them out. I’ll have, when I’m done:

  • 3 8ft 8” strips for the base of the jog
  • 3 8 ft 1 1/2”  strips for the guides.

These I’ll biscuit together and have a jig. I’ll also finish a sawhorse (or maybe two) and then I’ll have things relatively set up to start work.

I’ve been wondering about support, and I think I’ll also cut some spare OSB and use a few 2x4s to support the jig on the plywood. That should prevent bowing and give me a decent quick “workbench” about 3ft in the air.

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