Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mounted Patrol

I got an invitation from the Douglas County ranger last night to join the mounted patrol. It was their annual get-together and I went with Tia to the mini party. It was at the county's Iron Horse facility, which is where Ranger Scott lives and cares for the place with his wife and kids.

Most of the time was a presentation by Scott, covering some changes and new things that the volunteers need to know. That wasn't very interesting or exciting and as it was in one of the barns, cold. I had expected we'd be in a house and my polo wasn't enough in the windy early evening.

We had a potluck dinner and then Tia and I chatted with his wife and daughter for a bit. They're fun, a lot like Tia, and we made plans to get together soon.

As we were leaving, Ranger Scott came by and offered me a volunteer spot. Somewhat in jest, as he knows I don't ride, but I've met him quite a few times now and chatted a bit. I'd volunteer with some of the work if Tia was there, and the idea of attending some of the training makes sense to me. I need to deal with the periphery of horse chores and accidents, so knowing more would be good.

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