Monday, June 23, 2014

Sabbatical Day 17–New volunteering

Today I had a new volunteer task. The local high school my son attends lost their principal last year and they are searching for a new one. They asked for parents to volunteer to interview candidates and I sent a note in. Today I got called to help out.

Up early, arriving at the school board building at 7:30 and then spending 5 hours interviewing and then discussing candidates for the position. It was a long morning as we had to whittle things down to two candidates, which we did. Now I get to go back Thursday for more interviews.


The second part of my day was flagpole work. I first had to watch my video again, or part of it, and then measure to move the cleats on the flagpole. This is to cut down the thin sides. I did that, and you can see below that I moved the first section over.

Photo Jun 23, 2 17 05 PM

Once that was done, I knew I had to hurry a but. The wind was picking up and dark clouds coming in, so I quickly cut the boards once they were secure and got two pieces.

I was supposed to flip over the scrap to cut it again, but I had an issue.

Photo Jun 23, 2 40 04 PM

As you can see above, the middle part, isn’t quite wide enough. I’m not sure if that’s a measurement error (it looks OK), or a warped board (more likely). That’s an issue. I can’t use this as this piece will be thinner than the other. I need to buy another.

However that’s another day. The wind rolled in and I had to cover things quickly, tying down the tarp. No more for today, but I’ll need to go pick out more boards and then cut them again. I’m going to try to do that tomorrow.

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