Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vroom, Vroom

Saturday afternoon Delaney and I stopped by the motorcycle shop to check out UTVs. We looked at a few and talked to a salesman. Then we headed home, calling Tia on the road to let her know what we found. She thought we should just move forward, and after we all got home, Tia, Kendall, and I headed back to FayMyers.

Tia test drove a Polaris Ranger, a 500cc UTV, and really liked it. She had been concerned before about turning radius, but some of the benefits, including being able to drive one handed, changed her mind and she decided to get one.


While she was doing paperwork and negotiating a roof and windshield to be added, Kendall and I wandered around the shop. I got Kendall to try out a Gold Wing

Photo Mar 30, 5 38 32 PM

and a sport bike, along with a few others. We chatted about the different things and while she was slightly interested, she wasn’t drooling over motorcycles.

Photo Mar 30, 5 50 15 PM

Tia liked them, however, and we talked about coming back for a few bikes when the kids get older and leave the house. I know I miss mine walking around the shop.

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