Thursday, March 21, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day for us. We had planned on last week, but after late night Thur volleyball and feeling a little under the weather, we skipped things. I had friends in town from Ohio visiting family, and we planned on meeting them. After making the kids get up early to make the bus, I packed while Tia fed horses.

Photo Mar 20, 7 33 59 AM

We managed to leave before 8, grabbing our breakfast burritos and coffee before driving up.

Another friend from Denver went up as well, and we met at the bottom, heading up for some skiing. Tia and I go fairly fast, so we ended up waiting a bit for people, but it was still a good day. We chatted with various people on lifts and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Photo Mar 20, 12 44 03 PM

I saw friends up there and we skied a run or two, but they were a large group and moving slow, so we said goodbye and headed off.

The sun was shining with little wind and warm, but not too warm temps. Even on top of the mountain things were great.

Photo Mar 20, 12 44 06 PM

Not a challenging day, but a fun one. We smiled and laughed, and had a good time. Glad to be back on the slopes.


Photo Mar 20, 12 52 46 PM

We were headed back at 2, with me dropping off Tia at home to train a horse and then going to get kids.

Kids were really interesting. Delaney had track practice, and Kendall wanted to go to the library, so I had given her money before school to walk to Subway and the library. She did, and called us as we drove home to say she was waiting at the library. I picked up Delaney and then Kendall, who was proud of herself for making her way over on her own.

I dropped the kids off, and headed out again. A friend from TX was in town to speak in the Springs and I wouldn’t get a chance to hang out with him if I didn’t go. So after 200mi of driving for skiing, I headed down to the springs, clocking another 100mi to see him speak.

Photo Mar 20, 7 05 31 PM

Worth it.

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