Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Assistant Spool

Tonight was Delaney's first real troop meeting as the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (A SPooL). It was a busy day, with me picking him up at 5 from track, then dinner out in town before a 6pm Patrol Leadership Council (PLC) meeting and then the troop meeting. I sat in on the PLC, and it was a lot for the boys to take in. I suspect Delaney and SPL were slightly overloaded. We'll see how they do.

They were up in front of the troop, however, leading them along in the opening. Delaney didn't call flags, but he did get boys organized and called for announcements, running part of the meeting. Good to see him taking a leadership role.

I also saw him introduce himself to some of the newer boys. Amazing how much he's grown since he came into the troop.

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