Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book #10 - From Chaos Born

I read the other trilogy from Michael Hicks, the "In Her Name" series and loved it. That's more science fiction, and this is more fantasy. From Chaos Born is the first in the trilogy of the Kreelan, taking place hundreds of thousands of years before humans came to be.

In this one, the Tesh Dar are the strongest of the six temples, and one of their priests is concerned about the rest of the Homeworld. The Dark Queen, from the seventh temple, has raised an army and is slowly conquering the world. However the priests are bound to not interfere if they are not attacked.

However the Dark Queen has plans to take over the temples, and manages to essentially possess oe of the acolytes of the Tesh-Dar. As she plans on sending him back to the temple, Keel-Tath, the first Empress with white hair and crimson talons is born to the leaders of Keel-Ar. Her parents are told by the priest of the Tesh-Dar that she is the child from a prophecy, who will one day unite all the tribes and temples.

The mother decides her child must be taken to the Tesh-Dar temple, to be protected and raised. She sets out just in time, as the Dark Queen makes for her city. The father manages to elude the Dark Queen and almost returns, but is captured, being killed as his city is burned. As expected, the mother makes it to the Tesh-Dar temple, but dies on the doorstep.

There's much more to the book, and lots of character development. I don't love fantasy, and struggled to get through this book, but near the end it captivate me and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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