Saturday, March 23, 2013


We woke up to a snowy yard, snow still coming down and the wind blowing. We were sure the volleyball game would be cancelled, but when I called at 7:30, it wasn't. It was picture day, and I guess they didn't want to reschedule.

So I got out at 10 to plow. The driveway wasn't too bad, which was good. Tia fed horses and we packed up to leave. The driveway was already starting to blow over, so I'm glad Tia didn't try to use the Prius. We got down there, texting the other coach to delay things. Good since we were 5 minutes late.

Pictures were quick, and we had 10 minutes to watch the game before ours before warming up. The girls looked good. Only 7 today, so everyone played a lot. During warmups we had great passes back to the coaches, and things were looking good.

Kendall started the game serving. Her first one didn't go over, and I could see she was nervous. She was tentative with the swing, and when she's at the adult line, she can't be. Our team dropped 3 points in a row then, not getting good hits over, but we had some good passes. The next girl hit 5 over and that was about it. The team made lots of great 2 and 3 hit rallies on their side, they saved balls that would have dropped last season, and overall  they served well. We had quite a few girls going overhand serves, and they looked good, though a bunch were out of bounds.

Kendall played well. Without knee pads she had to be careful, but she moved well to call balls, and get under them, passing them nicely to other people. She had a couple nice saves on the third hit when she had to move quite a way to get it over. Her second serve was out of bounds on the side, and I mentioned she was stepping sideways. From there, the rest of her serves were hard, over, and in. She even had a couple sets.

None of the games were close, and the girls played well. A good day for everyone, and we were really proud as coaches. They're getting closer to playing real volleyball.

The other coach mentioned that she had seen Kendall and Tia during one of our Sunday night practices and thought Kendall was an 8th grader. She knew her team was in trouble when she say Kendall on our team.

Afterwards we hit the store and then came home to hunker down. It's a windy, snowy day outside. Perfect for relaxing inside.

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