Sunday, March 24, 2013

Family Volleyball

After the snow Saturday, it was a quiet, lazy day Sunday around the house. Kids slept in, I relaxed inside, doing a little work and reading. Tia had a lesson during the day, and around 6 we all packed up to get outside and play some volleyball.

It was a quiet night at the rec center. Only a few people were there and two kids were on one court. We warmed up, just the four of us, laughing and having fun, and when the court cleared, we started some 2 on 2. Just relaxed, not really serving. Eventually the two girls joined us, and we played.

It was interesting to see the contrast with Kendall and the girls. One of them had played on the losing team against Kendall Saturday, and she was trying, but clearly Kendall was in a different league. She’s a much better player than most anyone I’ve seen at her age. Hopefully that continued.

We had another Dad and high schooler show up later and we played a bit, but it was relaxed, somewhat slow. Tia dropped out for awhile, then Kendall. Not a great night, but still fun.

Afterwards family Chipotle night, where for once, no one had a screen and we could just chat. That was nice.

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