Friday, March 15, 2013

Never Been a Delta Customer, Not Sure I Ever Will Be

I understand there are risks with any business, and I certainly understand that not every person working in a company represents that business well, or even as the business itself would want itself to be presented.

That being said, I was somewhat surprised by this story about a cellist losing not only the airline miles accumulated for his cello, but also his own. I don’t know everything about this story, but I’d like to know more, and I am very interested to see how Delta handles this.

We could argue about whether an inanimate object, like a cello, deserves the chance to “earn” miles. I think it does if someone is buying a ticket for it. It’s a bargain for the airline since they get the fare, but don’t have the hassles of feeding, serving, pumping sewage, or even using much fuel (many instruments weight less than people). However I’d be willing to listen to arguments that objects can’t get miles, and I wouldn’t say those were wrong. Just a different view.

However pulling an individual’s account as well sounds like some shit-headed manager or accountant taking some personal affront to the idea that a customer set this up. It’s uncalled for, and if avoiding paying out a few benefits to customers for minor transgressions is that important to you, you’re not someone I want to business with.

I’ve never been a Delta customer. I don’t know that I’d switch, but I do know if Delta decides this is the way they do business, they don’t deserve any of mine.

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