Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Good Day

It's actually been a really good day and I'm looking forward to relaxing with Tia later.

It started with me sleeping in. That rarely happens, and it was good today. Tia took Delaney to a Scout service project and then went to her mounted patrol training. Meanwhile I got to sleep in before watching a little TV with a cup of coffee before heading out the feed horses.

It was windy and a little chilly, but not bad. I had music in headphones while I got the hay out, without any events. It was easy and fairly quick. On the way back I texted Kendall to get dressed and come out. She did, helping me to get the hay covered in anticipation of rain. One of the tarps had blown off, so I lifted her up with the tractor and then climbed up with her. Together we secured the tarp back down before coming in to change.


I love coaching Kendall, and am a little sad I won't be doing it next fall. Today was our first game, and I'm sure we both were slightly nervous. We went a little early, and it was good to be there, relaxed, without being in a hurry. A short warmup, and then the game.

I knew it would go easy for our team when the other coach mentioned he had a lot of new girls. We ended on a hard note last year, losing in the tournament championship and a few of the girls struggled on Thursday. We had all but two start with underhand serves, which was good and we got a lot over. We had a few 5 serve girls, though a few messed up. Kendall and one of our other overhand servers hit their first balls wide. We also struggled to return some balls, mostly because we hit it back on the first hit and all volleys are two hits on a side this year. That was a bit tough in the first game, which was close, but we won going away.

The second two weren't close as Kendall and 3 or 4 other girls had 5 point serves (that's the limit). Kendall's serves have come back strong, with her hitting them high and long overhand, even from behind the adult line. She moved well, getting some good hits up, and even had two sets. Good to see her improving. She's the best player we have by far, and she showed it. A few other girls are moving well and reacting, and most had at least one good hit and a few serves today.

Afterwards Kendall wanted a friend to come over, so the two of us and her friend (named Tia) went to eat some lunch before a couple errands and coming home. When we got back, I headed out to work on fencing since the rain hadn't come. I've been meaning to dig out a couple posts, and decided to do that. As I walked out, I saw the driveway, somewhat in disarray after a few snowstorms and decided to run the blade down it a couple times. That worked OK, and I need to do it more, but I didn't want that to be my day.

I walked out with a shovel, Kendall and her friend following. I asked them to bring two fence posts out, and they did, watching me dig out two posts and replace them. That done, and it was relatively easy with wet ground, I gave them a tractor ride. They like riding on the forks and we circled the house and front yard before I called it a day.

A quick walk on the treadmill, burning some calories and making sure I keep moving got me to this point. Now time to cook and relax.

It's been a relaxing day. Lots of stuff getting done, but moving at a relaxed pace, things working out, nothing broken, no dogs running away, no problems. A good, productive, quiet day around the ranch.

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