Friday, March 1, 2013

Envisioning the Future

I'd like to work at the Microsoft Envisioning Center. Not really in the office, but if I could take some of this tech home, that would be cool.

There are some neat ideas in this video, though it's a bit staged. I rarely find a quiet enough place, especially in modern offices, to use voice. In fact, I only use Siri when I'm driving, to send texts. Now if I could get it to read to me ...

However the idea of software, and devices, being interconnected within the house (with strong certificate security and very, very strong firewalling from the Internet, and allowing me to move media/information easily from one to the other. To pop up messages on the TV or a computer, or a device seemlessly. To specify reading or printing, or both. Help with cooking. It's interesting.

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