Thursday, December 13, 2012


This week was my first day of vacation-for-skiing of the winter. I’ve been a few days over Thanksgiving, but otherwise it’s been too busy to take time off. This week I finally decided to do it, with new snow in the mountains over the weekend. Tia decided to take a day off and join me, so after dropping the kids off at the bus, we packed up. Skis on top

Photo Dec 11, 7 09 45 AM

Gear inside

Photo Dec 11, 7 09 33 AM

A nice day on the mountain. A touch cold, but not horrible. It was windy, and the rides up the lift were hard in a few places. It was peaceful, not crowded, and even though there were only a few good blue slopes open, we had a fun time.

Photo Dec 11, 11 30 38 AM

I grabbed a short video, but with the sun behind us coming down the mountain, it was hard to find good spots to shoot. Plus it was cold and I wanted to snowboard.

We had a quick lunch, did two short runs afterwards, and headed home.


We were late getting the kids and they were not happy. Both were cold and complained quite a bit. Still didn’t ruin our day Winking smile

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