Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Block

We went to play volleyball last night, another practice session, this time with all four of us. We worked on a few skills, with another adult from our team, and then ended up playing a scrimmage with the other girls team and their coaches.

It was a pretty good practice. We had some good volleys, and could see how the other team is definitely improving with 3 hits lots of the time. I got Kendall to switch with me a few times to let me set and she had some good spikes. One really good one near the end that tipped the net and dropped over. She isn’t jumping, and if she had, I think she would have knocked over on a great downward angle. A few of her others were nicely angled to the side.

The adults didn’t do much, though there was one time the other coaches set each other up and I got up with a good block. My timing and angle is getting better, and I’m looking forward to our game this Thursday.

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