Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Repairs, more food, more cleaning, and more entertainment

Yesterday was action packed for me. Despite a sore neck, the day was full of things to do. I ran errands, but ended up with a larger to-do list at the end. As I was out, the “Check 4WD” light came on in the Suburban. I almost stopped there, but with the iPhone, I searched a bit and found that most of the time this is just a switch to be replaced. Even if it’s more, it’s usually just fluid that needs to be changed and doesn’t affect 2WD operation. I kept going to get a car wash since the truck was filthy.

As I was coming out of the wash, water started dripping on me from the sun roof. I opened the moon roof cover and got a small trickle of water down. Not sure if the seals are failing or if it was open slightly. I know it seemed to do fine in the snow last week, I suspect that it was cracked open slightly from someone hitting the switch, but something to watch.

At home I marinated steak and painted balusters to repair the stairs. Not much work, but steady set of things to repair while I was doing laundry. I cooked the steak after running, along with some vegetables, and the kids loved them, eating things up quickly. I had to save some to the side for Tia or they would have eaten it all. Always nice when the kids like what I’ve cooked. The recipe is from a book I got at the library, and I skipped the citrus sauce, which the kids didn’t like. The quick version is:

  • tequila
  • lime juice
  • chipotle in adobo
  • clinatro
  • salt
  • pepper
  • oil

All of that blended together and then used to marinate steak. Last time was tri tips, this time was flank steak. A little fatty in places, but I trimmed it well, and the kids loved it. Be warned, I used two chipotle’s and it was a bit spicy.

Kendall went to bed early, and we had to return the steam cleaner to Wal-Mart. Tia had cleaned our room’s carpet, and the living room, as we have people coming over. We drove down, returned it, which was really simple. It’s neat to see the devices in an automated cage. Delaney and I had rented it the night before in about 3 minutes by typing on the panel. The return was almost as quick, with me typing my name and serial number from the device and the cage opening. That was it.

Afterwards we went to see the late showing of “This is 40”. It’s long, but it was hilarious, having us laughing out loud in places. It’s crude, it’s a farce, and in many cases you will cringe as you laugh since it’s the outrageous things you might want to say or do, but don’t. Very enjoyable.

Home after midnight, and tired today, but a good weekend so far.

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