Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I drove my car yesterday.

It’s been a few months since I’ve taken the Porsche out of the garage. Cooler weather, and trying to stick with the Prius more have had it sitting there.

A few weeks ago I went to take it and the battery was dead. I think the alarm drains it too quickly if I don’t drive it. Jumping it is a pain, mostly because of where the battery is. One of my projects this winter is to get a release on the battery so I can disconnect it easily for long periods, and also to re-write where the alarm comes in so jumper cables can attach.

Last weekend I got the portable charger hooked up, but it didn’t have enough charge to start it and I ended up taking another car and leaving it there. Yesterday I planned on getting it started before the snow came and running to town. I pushed it out of the garage and then got busy. The sun got lower and lower, but finally at 5:00, I jumped it from the Suburban and drove to get Kendall.

I love driving that car.

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