Monday, December 3, 2012

Old and Sore

Volleyball last night had Tia, Kendall, and I practicing a bit and then scrimmaging a few games. We had two of the people in our volleyball group and another young girl with us playing a more experienced adult team.

We struggled, as expected, but it was still fun. However it wasn’t easy and after two hours of playing a a medium level of volleyball, I was tired. We grabbed burritos, headed home, and felt sort. I helped Tia do chores, and by the time I was done walking out hay to horses and showering, I was ready to just lay in bed and do nothing.

Getting old is hard, and more and more I notice it as exercise ends. My body stiffens up quickly, and gets sore. Getting up at night, or the next morning, has me moving slow until I get things warmed up slightly.

It makes me want to keep exercising more, but watch what I do and keep some limits on the exertions to prevent damage, or too much soreness.

Glad I’m not flying today. I’d be stiff as a board if I were getting on a 10 hour flight tonight.

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