Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book #92 - The Season of the Harvest

515RCZlRfmL._AA160_A science fiction that borders on horror, but really captivated my interest. I grabbed Season of the Harvest, a free ebook, as I was leaving for vacation. It’s the story of an FBI agent, who hears his best friend, a fellow agent, was killed during an investigation into a bio-tech company. Supposedly this was to ferret out terrorists that had been attacking these companies.

He is supposed to go home and not involve himself, but he can’t leave it. Jack, the FBI agent, gets involved, goes to his friend’s condo and finds it trashed. He goes to the FBI lab, let in by a friend, and sees there is something strange. He suspects a problem and takes 3 corn kernels that were in the magazine of his dead friend’s gun.

As he arrives home, he’s warned that “they are coming for him, get his shotgun ready, and trust his cat”. It’s cryptic, but he follows it and when three FBI agents come to question him, he knows something is wrong. When his cat freaks out, he barely manages to save himself. He shoots two of them, but his rounds don’t seem to have much effect. Someone else crashes through his window and tasers him and the agent.

He wakes up in a new world. A world where there are aliens among us. They’re called the “Harvesters” and have been working on genetic technology to get humans to help them build the GMO corn seeds Jack stole from the gun.

What follows is an amazing, and scary story. It’s unbelievable, and not likely possible, but still scary. The book goes to an amazing conclusion as a small group of freedom fighters try to save humanity.

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