Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another Easy Day

I woke up with a sore neck nerve, probably from lifting too hard yesterday. Delaney and I went to run errands and hit the gym. We rode bikes and then lifted, a good hard workout for him, and probably a little too hard for me. I tried to take it easy, but near the end I was pushing to get done and was tired.

We also looked at laptops, and Delaney has his sights set on one of a few models around $600. We told him he needs to earn half the money, and he can then take the other half from savings. He's motivated, and we'll see what happens.

Today was an easy day. Some reading, errands, and working on getting the house cleaned up for New Years. I cut and painted some balusters on the stairs, and touched up others. Tomorrow those need to get nailed into place. We also steam cleaned the carpets and I did laundry. A quiet, around the house day.

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