Monday, December 10, 2012

Sick Computer

Delaney’s computer went on the fritz. Not completely, just  that the battery wouldn’t charge and it wouldn’t run on AC power. Tia bought him a new adapter while I was traveling in the UK, but it didn’t help. He asked us to look at it Sat night as we were going out and we both passed, but he cornered me in the afternoon, and I took a look.

I tried a few things, but none of them really conclusive. Working without the battery, with it, multiple adapters, etc. and nothing worked. I suspected something came look/disconnected from the motherboard, but I wasn’t confident I could fix it. I’m not great a soldering and I wasn’t sure how hard parts might be, so I decided it needed service. Delaney was hoping I’d take it to Best Buy and they’d fix it ASAP, but I told him it might be a week.

This am I was about to check with Lenovo, but decided I might be better off with a local person. I asked on Twitter and a few people agreed, so I ran a search and found a company nearby. Tia was heading to town, so I went with her and dropped off the laptop at Daktronix in town. They quickly checked the things I’d checked, agreed something is loose, and said it would be a few days.

We’ll see.

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